Tamar Crossings Consultation Document for the proposed Toll increase

Many of our supporters have expressed dissatisfaction with the online version of the consultation questionnaire. Complaints have focused on the inability to progress through the  questionnaire without supplying an answer to each question asked. The options for answers being predetermined, and in most cases indicating support for a toll increase of one kind or another.

At our public meeting on October 18th, Councillor Martin Worth attended as Joint Chair of the Joint Committee . Councillor Worth assured the meeting attendees that comments rebutting answers given that the person completing the online questionnnaire did not in fact support could be made in the comments box at the end of the questionnaire. Councillor Worth confirmed that these additional comments would be taken into account.

He also advised that anyone completing and returning hard copies of the questionnaire could leave unfavourable questions blank and their responses to other questions would still be taken into account. Accordingly, please download and print the attached consultation questionnaire for completing at home:


The address for returning your completed questionnaire is:

Power Marketing Research

PO Box 11



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