Hundreds march across Tamar bridge from Cornwall to Plymouth in protest of toll charges

Credit: Sam Blackledge. Reporter, ITV News West Country

Hundreds of people marched across the Tamar Bridge on Saturday in protest of rising toll prices.

Drivers travelling from Saltash into Plymouth pay each time – and campaigners say the cost is unfair.

March organiser Scott Slavin said: “People in south-east Cornwall rely on Plymouth for virtually everything – hospital services, leisure shopping, everything you can imagine.

“Most people from this side of the bridge travel across, and it all involves a toll.”

People from both Cornwall and Plymouth are frustrated at rising toll prices.

Most drivers pay £2.60 per crossing, or half that if you have a Tamar tag.

The bridge committee, which is made up of councillors from Cornwall and Plymouth say the funding goes towards ‘vital safety work and ongoing maintenance.’

Scott Slavin said: “Will they listen? I think they have to take notice of the number of people who are positive about this campaign we have embarked on. For the sake of change, they have to listen.

“Every bridge needs upkeep, why should ours have to be funded locally when most bridges are funded centrally?”

Tamar Toll Action Group Event note: 331 Supporters marched across from Saltash to Plymouth with additional supporters joining us on the Plymouth side.


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