Meeting with Sheryll Murray, MP for South East Cornwall – March 4th 2023

On Saturday 4th March, three of the TTAG committee, Mel Priston (Chair) Scott Slavin (Vice Chair) and Lee Lidstone (Treasurer) had a very useful, interesting and productive meeting with Sheryll Murray and her Office Manager and parliamentary spokesman, Robert Davidson, at her constituency office in Liskeard.

During this meeting, we briefed Sheryll and Robert on why we felt that change to the funding of the Tamar Crossings was long overdue and reassured them of our commitment to work with the Joint Committee and her office on behalf of residents of Plymouth and Cornwall using both the ferry and the bridge to cross the Tamar.

Sheryll and Robert both assured us of their commitment to the same cause and pledged to work with us to bring about change from Government. Sheryll showed us the below video clip of her initiating such discussions in parliament earlier last week. The intention is to begin by working up a discussion document with a view to meeting us again to add to or amend in order to draw up a proposal document which can be presented to Government. Further discussions with all interested parties to follow.

We look forward to continued constructive dialogue with her and her office on how we may assist each other on bringing these changes to fruition and securing a better deal for users of both of the crossings.

This is the start of a process, that we are looking forward to engaging in. We do not anticipate a sudden about face of Goverment policy based on a single question to Parliament but are glad the subject is out in the open. he Humber Toll campaign led by their local Conservative MP took several years to bear fruit, they all start somewhere.


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